david-and-brendaI grew up in Illinois; my wife, Brenda, in Oregon. It was a path of many twists and turns to get the two of us connected in California!  We entered into our marriage covenant in 1986 after she had agreed to my proposal for a life of adventure.  Brenda claims that she scarcely comprehended the adventure that our life would be simply by saying those two little words (I do).

We had both been Christians for a number of years and determined to make God the center of our marriage.  In order to make a good beginning, we structured our wedding vows around the instructions of Scripture.  We are convinced that this is the reason for our successful, growing relationship.

Education: BS in Civil Engineering in 1966 from the University of Missouri

: Master of Divinity, Golden Gate Seminary in California in 1972

My ordination as a minister of the gospel was received in 1991.

Work experience:  I worked for Monsanto and Kaiser Engineers before settling in to GE Nuclear Energy in San Jose, California.  I finished my engineering career with 25 years of service at GE.

Personal:  Brenda is blessed with musical gifts and has played numerous instruments, e.g. bassoon, flute, guitar, piano, bass. She taught piano to children for 14 years until our move to Wilmington, NC.  I also had some musical inclinations, growing up in a musical family in which everyone played at least one instrument.  She also has a heart for and is involved in a local “Special Touch” ministry, a ministry to people with disabilities.

Several years ago, we began attending Calvary Chapel San Jose. CA where Don McClure was pastoring. The emphasis on God’s Word and the presence of God’s Spirit in the worship kept us coming back until we felt confident that this was to be our church home.

Brenda became involved with the Praise team playing flute and singing. She also led the worship for two Women’s Bible studies which met Tuesday morning and evening. I became involved in the teaching ministry working principally with the mature adults class (50-95, they called themselves the “Sonshiners”) and also a young marrieds class.

Even though we felt like we were settling into the San Jose Fellowship, in early 2004 we began to feel that God was leading us to a significant change…significant indeed…relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast.  Little did we know what was in store for us in Wilmington, NC.  We often felt like Abraham who was told to leave his homeland but was given no information regarding what he would encounter when he arrived at his destination.

The next very shocking surprise was my early retirement, something we had not even considered when planning the move to the east coast. Nevertheless, God made it very clear that my engineering career of 37 years was soon to be ended. The retirement occurred almost 5 years in advance of my plan.  But God had a bigger (and better) plan. One of my reoccurring supplications to God has been that I would rather be expending the main energy of my life teaching the Word of God than pouring it into the management of engineering projects and writing technical engineering reports.  Now, God was giving me the desire of my heart.

I eventually came on staff with a local church and served for 7 ½ years as an associate pastor teaching Bible studies and ministering principally in the Equipping the Saints ministry.  Brenda was involved in several ministries…Women’s Praise Team, Special Touch, hospitality/helps, Home Fellowships,  to mention a few.

We have now, at God’s direction, entered into a Sabbatical which may extend through the duration of 2014.  God has called us to a time of resting, receiving from Him and being prepared for the next season, whatever and wherever that may be.

Looking back now over the years that led us to this place in life, we are amazed at the Sovereignty of God and how he has orchestrated the events that have brought us to this place in this time.  His loving and merciful hand has been seen time and again as he has opened doors and brought us quickly to where He wants us to be.  He is, without question, an awesome God.