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Entering the Kingdom of God - cover200Entering the Kingdom of GodThis book is temporarily unavailable.  Questions?  Contact us.

Can a person know for sure they are going to heaven? The most important question a person must address in this life is the question regarding the “new birth.”  That question is “Have you been born again?” Another way to say this is: “Have you been transferred from this present evil age into the kingdom of God’s beloved son?” All other life issues fade into insignificance when compared with this one question. The reason:  Your true response to this question determines your eternal destiny.  Read More

Folded book – 19 pages – $2.00


End Times Cover-200

The End Times: Our Journey Into Eternity – This course of study is an introduction to the prophecy of the Bible related to the “End Times.”  In scholastic circles, this is referred to as the doctrine of Eschatology.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive study but to focus on the major events and significant timing aspects of the End Times prophecies.  A thrust of this workbook is also to provide key information for significant events and times.  I have also provided a “chronological sequence of events summary”, as provided in the Scriptures, towards the end of this workbook.  Read More

Bound book – 186 pages – $12.00


In Defense Creationism200In Defense of Creationism – The goal of this course of study, prepared by Pastor David Braden and Dr. Don K. Johnson, is to provide answers to questions often asked by relating to an evolutionary belief system regarding creation and the current natural processes functioning in the world today.  Read More

Bound book – 79 pages – $7.00


Foundations of the Faith 100 Series
– In this series of teachings, I am responding to the need of Christians in the body of Christ to be able to give an answer for the things they believe.   Read More

This is a 4-part series of workbooks.  You can purchase these workbooks individually, or as a set.  Visit the Foundations  description page to preview the books in PDF format.

Foundations Cover - 101 - Cover200Foundations of the Faith 101 – 39 pages

In this course, we’ll cover salvation and the new birth, faith and assurance, the Trinity, and the Church.

Bound book – $5.00        



Foundations Cover - 102 - Cover200Foundations of the Faith 102 – 47 pages

In this course, we’ll cover prayer and devotionals, what God expects of us, giving and tithing, grace, worship, trials, and how to study the Bible.

Bound book – $5.00        



Foundations Cover - 103 - Cover200Foundations of the Faith 103 – 43 pages

In this course, we’ll cover the problem of man, the work of the cross, the origin and authority of the Bible, Bible translations, the relationship of the Old and New Testaments, and the Law.

Bound book – $5.00        


Foundations Cover - 104 - Cover200Foundations of the Faith 104 – 63 pages

In this course, we’ll cover Biblical wisdom, the fear of the Lord, eternal security, abiding in Christ, preparation for service to God, creation, evolution and…dinosaurs in the Bible!!!

Bound book – $5.00        



Foundations Cover - GENERIC200Purchase ALL Foundations of the Faith Series Workbooks

Complete Series – $18.00   




IMMANUEL in Time and Space - Cover - GENERIC200Immanuel in Time and Space:  A Bible Survey  In Genesis 3, man chose to disobey God.  This act of disobedience by the man and woman separated them from the perfect fellowship they enjoyed with God. From Genesis 3:8 to the Omega of Revelation, we see the record of God’s actions on the earth to restore man to the place of fellowship with Himself. In these records of God’s actions, we will see God’s men and women as they experience the Immanuel life and provide living illustrations to us of the life of faith and the formation of godly character in their lives…   Read More

This is a 2-part series of workbooks, made up of an Old Testament Survey, and a New Testament Survey.  You can purchase these workbooks individually, or as a set.  Visit the ‘Immanuel in Time and Space’ product description page to preview the books in PDF format.

Immanuel in Time and Space – Old Testament Survey – 184 pages

Bound book – $12.00   

Immanuel in Time and Space – New Testament Survey – 106 pages

Bound book – $8.00   

Purchase BOTH Immanuel in Time and Space Workbooks

Bound books – $16.00    


Making the Most of Your Biblical Studies200Making the Most of Your Biblical Studies   The Bible without a doubt, without a challenge, is the greatest, most significant work of literature, history and theology that has ever been written.  In its initial formation, its preservation and transmittal, in its translation, proclamation and in its effects (impact on history and effect of life changes), it is the most profound and impactful document of all time.  This document provides basic materials and assignments for the Equipping the Saints Course “Foundations 202.”  It is a direct “follow-on” to the course Foundations 201 “A Bible Survey.”  The goal of this course is to provide the student of the Bible an introduction to understanding and interpreting God’s Word.  Read More

Bound book – 106 pages – $8.00    


MATTHEW Cover200The Book of Matthew:  A Verse by Verse Study Guide – Towards the end of his life on earth, the apostle Paul wrote to the churches that he wanted to get to know Jesus better (Phil 3:7-11).  This was written some 25 years after his conversion experience and a myriad of trials and sufferings for the kingdom.  Amazing, after all of this time, he acknowledges his desire to know Jesus better.  Can we also say: “I want to know Jesus better?”  My hope in this study is that, as you work through the pages of this book, you will get to know Jesus better.  As you study the life and ministry of Jesus, you will begin to understand the great heart of this amazing God-man as he pours out his life for those who have rebelled against the all-wise, all-kind, loving heavenly Father.  Read More

Bound book – 184 pages – $12.00    


Proverbs - A Study Guide200The Book of Proverbs:  A Verse by Verse Study Guide – This workbook is provided as a guide to assist the new Christian and those who have never studied the book of Proverbs on a verse-by-verse basis.  In general, I have tried to identify the clustering of proverbs (by topic) where appropriate.  For each chapter, I have provided some word study helps and, when applicable, identified text problems within the Hebrew.  In many cases, I’ve summarized what I believe is the principle teaching of a verse or cluster.  I have also prayed continually for guidance as to how to present this study and believe that God has given me help along the way.  Just as God gave us the book of Psalms and its “prayers for all occasions,” I believe God gave us the book of Proverbs with its representative wisdom for all occasions.  May this workbook be of use to you as you learn to be wise, walking in the fear of the Lord.  Read More

Bound book – 194 pages – $12.00   


An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare Counseling - Cover200An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
– The purpose of this study is to provide an introduction to some of the basic steps of inquiry and praying with someone who is believed to be suffering under a demonic attack of harassment, influence or control.  It will also address some of the questions that people often have regarding spiritual warfare.  We, at times, will face 3 different kinds of warfare: the flesh, the world and the devil. I have included brief discussions and recommendations to address the areas of the flesh and the world in this study. But, the principle focus of this study is demonic control or influence.  Read More

Folded book – 27 pages – $2.00   


Praying the Psalms200Don’t Know How to Pray?  An Answer from the Psalms – “Turn to the Lord’s prayer in the sermon on the mount” is the answer most often given when asked the question on the cover of this workbook.  And it is a good answer and perhaps the best answer for new Christians…   However, there is another answer.  Why not turn to the book of Psalms, Israel’s songbook, Israel’s prayer book, and use the Psalms that were prayed by many God-fearing, God-loving persons?   The people praying these Psalms prayed in every situation in life and in such a way that the Holy Spirit deemed their prayers worthy of recording for future generations…   Read More

Folded book – 27 pages – $2.00   


Growing Spiritually - Cover200Growing Spiritually:  Becoming More Like Jesus –  In this workbook, I want to address a subject that is important to all of us…growing in our spiritual life, becoming more like Christ.  The first thing that I should say is that growth in our spiritual lives is a part of God’s salvation provision for us.  God didn’t save us to a life of idleness.  He has important plans for each of us.  And if you will set your heart to pursue and to serve God, in just a short time you will be amazed at the changes that He will work in your life…   The world doesn’t prepare us to serve God…   Read More

Folded book – 15 pages – $2.00   


Hearing from God - Cover200Hearing From God – Perhaps you’ve had questions about hearing from God.  Does God really speak to people apart from the Bible?  Would God actually speak to me?  How would He speak and how would I know if it were really Him? …  Each Christian must learn to discern how God speaks and leads them individually…   Read More

Folded book – 31 pages – $2.00   


Pleasing God in Our Worship200Pleasing God in Our Worship –  A question that has been asked in every age since the beginning of time is:  Why am I here?  What is my purpose for existing?  God does not leave us without an answer to this very important question: I Pet. 2:9-10  “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light,…”  Our primary purpose in this life, therefore, is to worship and praise our God.  This is the “Essentials” theme to be developed in this study.  As I study God’s Word and then observe the body of Christ at worship, I am convinced that we fall far short of God’s plan and desire for acceptable worship.  In the process, we miss many blessings…   Read More

Folded book – 27 pages – $2.00   


Psalm 25 Exposition - Cover153x200

“Seeking God in Difficult Seasons” An Exposition of Psalm 25  –  This study workbook on Psalm 25 is designed to show how King David responded towards God in the midst of his difficult and trying circumstances.  His knowledge of God and wisdom in prayer…  Read More

Folded book – 19 pages – $2.00   


Psalm 84 Exposition – Cover153x200“The Psalm of a Longing Heart” An Exposition of Psalm 84  –  Psalm 84 is a psalm of longing, of longing for God’s house. It was written by the sons of Korah, men who were described as men of great ability, able men with strength for the work. (I Chron. 26:6, 8) Their assignment was to be the temple gatekeepers (also translated as janitors or porters.)  Being a gatekeeper or a janitor doesn’t sound like the kind of occupation that people are normally striving to attain. Nor is it the stuff of which the tabloids write.  And yet…   Read More

Folded book – 15 pages – $2.00