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“Turn to the Lord’s prayer in the sermon on the mount” is the answer most often given when asked the question on the cover of this workbook.  And it is a good answer and perhaps the best answer for new Christians.

Many God-fearing Christians all over the face of the earth have committed this prayer to memory and use it on many occasions.

However, there is another answer.

Why not turn to the book of Psalms, Israel’s songbook, Israel’s prayer book, and use the Psalms that were prayed by many God-fearing, God-loving persons?   The people praying these Psalms prayed in every situation in life and in such a way that the Holy Spirit deemed their prayers worthy of recording for future generations.

I am convinced that praying the Psalms will enrich the devotional life of anyone with the discipline to embrace it.

I also know that since the Psalms are the Word of God that they are powerful, effective and alive to work in us the purposes of God, to make us more like Christ.

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