Can a person know for sure they are going to heaven?

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Entering the Kingdom of God - cover500The most important question a person must address in this life is the question regarding the “new birth.”  That question is “Have you been born again?”

Another way to say this is: “Have you been transferred from this present evil age into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son?”

All other life issues fade into insignificance when compared with this one question.

The reason:  Your true response to this question determines your eternal destiny.

Often, I’ve heard responses to this question such as “just believe in Christ and you’ll be saved.”  However, we know from the gospel narratives that Jesus spoke to a number of people who inquired about this issue and gave instructions such as:  follow me, repent, repent and believe.  The Scriptures also talk about confession, believing in your heart and humility as other factors to be considered.

With these things in mind and the concern of taking the necessary steps before God, the goal in this study book, is to provide the inquirer with sufficient information from the Scriptures so that appropriate steps can be taken to assure that a true salvation, i.e. true new birth, occurs in the life of the inquirer.

I have tried to collect all of the pertinent, applicable Scriptures and present them in an appropriate light so that nothing is left out of this process.

If this is a question with which you are concerned, it is my sincere desire that this booklet be a help to you in establishing your place in the kingdom of God through the “new birth.”

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