Growing Spiritually - Cover500

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In this booklet, I want to address a subject that is important to all of us…growing in our spiritual life, becoming more like Christ.

The first thing that I should say is that growth in our spiritual lives is a part of God’s salvation provision for us.

God didn’t save us to a life of idleness.  He has important plans for each of us.  And if you will set your heart to pursue and to serve God, in just a short time you will be amazed at the changes that He will work in your life.

When we receive Christ, God brings us into His kingdom, His family.  He receives us just as we are.  But, at the moment in time when we are born again, God begins to make significant changes in our lives to prepare us for service in His kingdom.

The world doesn’t prepare us to serve God.  It prepares us to serve self and the idols of the world.

Nevertheless, God has made provisions for our spiritual growth so we can be effective and prosperous in our life with Him.

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