IMMANUEL in Time and Space - Cover - GENERIC500

There are two workbooks that make up this series, one for the Old Testament, and another for the New Testament

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View or download the New Testament survey in PDF format here

In Genesis 3, man chose to disobey God.  This act of disobedience by the man and woman separated them from the perfect fellowship they enjoyed with God.

From Genesis 3:8 to the Omega of Revelation, we see the record of God’s actions on the earth to restore man to the place of fellowship with Himself.

In these records of God’s actions, we will see God’s men and women as they experience the Immanuel life and provide living illustrations to us of the life of faith and the formation of godly character in their lives over time as they walk with God.  The lives they lived provide insight and instructions for us as we live our life with God, as each of us writes our own God-story.

As we study these individual accounts of “God with them,” we will see the unfolding of God’s plan.  We will see the progressive actions taken by God within individual lives, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation and ultimately, to all of mankind.

These accounts of “God with us” will demonstrate His interactions to develop Christ-like character within us, Christian formation.

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