In Defense Creationism500

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The goal of this course of study, prepared by Pastor David Braden and Dr. Don E. Johnson, is to provide answers to questions often asked by relating to an evolutionary belief system regarding creation and the current natural processes functioning in the world today.

Textbooks:  Two text books will be used in this course of study –

1. The Bible

2. “The New ANSWERS Book 1” (copyright 2006) by Ken Ham

This book provides answers to 27 of the most-asked questions as received by Mr. Ham.

The goal of this document is to provide supplemental scientific and biblical information to that presented in the NEW ANSWERS Book I.  It is designed to be read in conjunction with the chapters in the NEW ANSWERS Book 1.

The table of contents of this document will follow that in the ANSWERS Book.

I have added a brief discussion on the definition of “chance,” chapter 28, since this is often a centerpiece of evolutionary thought: “It happened by chance.”

Pastor David Braden

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