Making the Most of Your Biblical Studies500

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This document provides basic materials and assignments for the Equipping the Saints Course “Foundations 202.”  It is a direct “follow-on” to the course Foundations 201 “A Bible Survey.”

The goal of this course is to provide the student of the Bible an introduction to understanding and interpreting God’s Word.

The primary focus will be to provide:

a. general characteristics of the major literary styles/types of the Bible, and

b. to provide general guidelines for interpreting passages written in each of these major literary styles.

 The Bible without a doubt, without a challenge, is the greatest, most significant work of literature, history and theology that has ever been written.  In its initial formation, its preservation and transmittal, in its translation, proclamation and in its effects (impact on history and effect of life changes), it is the most profound and impactful document of all time.

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