Proverbs - A Study Guide500

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This booklet is provided as a guide to assist the new Christian and those who have never studied the book of Proverbs on a verse-by-verse basis.

In general, I have tried to identify the clustering of proverbs (by topic) where appropriate.

For each chapter, I have provided some word study helps and, when applicable, identified text problems within the Hebrew.  In many cases, I’ve summarized what I believe is the principle teaching of a verse or cluster.

I have also prayed continually for guidance as to how to present this study and believe that God has given me help along the way.  I have found that the use of charts and also quizzing those in my study group as to what they know before we begin a chapter study are useful study techniques.

We also discovered that reviewing one chapter each week was a good pace and allowed us enough time to examine each verse.

Just as God gave us the book of Psalms and its “prayers for all occasions,” I believe God gave us the book of Proverbs with its representative wisdom for all occasions.

May this booklet be of use to you as you learn to be wise, walking in the fear of the Lord.

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