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Psalm 84 is a psalm of longing, of longing for God’s house. It was written by the sons of Korah, men who were described as men of great ability, able men with strength for the work. (I Chron. 26:6, 8) Their assignment was to be the temple gatekeepers (also translated as janitors or porters.)

Being a gatekeeper or a janitor doesn’t sound like the kind of occupation that people are normally striving to attain. Nor is it the stuff of which the tabloids write.

And yet, a special revelation and work of God can transform these “seemingly meaningless” tasks (not unlike what many experience today in their professional careers) into something that is a blessing and joy.

These “sons” could write that they preferred one day in God’s house to a thousand anywhere else. And…they were sharing their true heart, not trying to gain a following of those who might be impressed with their poetic skills.

How could this be? They had been in the temple area and had experienced God’s presence there. It changed their heart to one of grateful praise.

And now, some 2500 years later, we have the tender record of their heart of longing, of longing for God’s house in one of the most popular of psalms, numbered 84.